Cat Gold Kit

Extensive cat first aid kit

This kit contains a wider range of equipment than the Standard Kit and is ideally suited to dealing with a wider range of first aid issues:

+ Wound dressing x2

+ Padding bandage x2 (5cm width)

+ Conforming Bandage x2 (5cm width)

+ Cohesive bandage x2 (5cm width)

+ Cotton wool bandage x2

+ Adhesive bandage (2cm width)

+ Swabs x2

+ Sterile saline solution x5

+ Sterile saline bottle (250ml)

+ Hydrogel x2

+ Aquagel x 3

+ Tick Hook

+ Instant ice pack

+ Scissors

+ Tweezers

+ Digital Thermometer

+ Gloves

+ 20ml Syringe

+ Foil Blanket

+ Useful large box with handle and lid

+ Useful Guide Booklet  

N.B. The look of the items in your kit may differ slightly from the photograph.

Weight 5kg