Animal Aiders: Environment and Wildlife Policy – September 2020

Our aim is for Animal Aiders to become as environmentally friendly as possible.  There will be continual assessment and improvement of how we work and the things we use to reduce our impact on nature.

​​​​​​​Our Work Space

  1. Our utility energy supply will be sourced from 100% green energy by 2021.
  2. The buildings walls and roof are fully insulated.
  3. The windows are double glazed.
  4. All administrative tools that can be recycled or reused are done so.
  5. Our outside environment has wild areas and wildflowers with at least 20% of our space managed in a wildlife friendly manner: providing habitat for bats, bees, birds, hedgehogs, insects, pollinators, reptiles and amphibians.

Our Products

  1. All packaging is either reusable and/or recyclable.
  2. Any packaging that was bought previously but is not recyclable, will be used but only replaced with environmentally friendly products in the future.
  3. All products, where possible will have as long as possible longevity.
  4. Any products that go out of date will be used in other safe ways, so that nothing is wasted.
  5. All products, where possible will be reusable.  However, due to cleanliness issues, many first aid products are single use.
  6. All products that can be recycled or reused are done so.
  7. We use recyclable paper where appropriate.
  8. We reuse teaching materials where appropriate.

Our Transport

  1. Our vehicle is currently an energy efficient diesel car and it will be replaced with either a hybrid or electric car in 2021.
  2. We encourage and promote car sharing for course attendees.
  3. We will reduce transport opportunities by offering online courses as well as face to face courses where appropriate.