Horse Gold Kit

Suited to professionals and those caring for several horses

An essential for those involved with caring for several animals, this kit contains a wide range of equipment specially selected to help you in many first aid situations:

+  Irripod sterile saline solution (20ml) x3
+  Sterile saline solution bottle (250ml) (Not Stericlens as shown in the picture)
+  20ml Syringe

+  Hydrogel x2
+  Gloves
+  Swabs x2
+  Wound dressings x2
+  Padding bandage x2
+  Conforming bandage x2
+  Cohesive bandage x2
+  Cotton wool bandage x2
+  Adhesive bandage
+  Poultice (4 piece)

+  Bandage pad

+  Stable bandage

+  Scissors

+  Instant ice pack

+  Hot-Cold KoolPak x2

+  Digital Thermometer

+  Useful large box with lid

N.B. The look of the items in your kit may differ slightly from the photograph.

Weight 5kg